Letøvet Randi


Uge/år Dans Niveau Stepsheet Video
47/18 Mama Tried Improver
45/18 Another Song Improver
45/18 Simple As Can Be Improver
44/18 Simple Thing Improver
44/18 Chasing down a good time Intermidiate
41/18 I Love Grandpa Improver
40/18 Hayley Jo Easy Intermediate
39/18 Whiskey Bridges Beginner
39/18 Like a Fine Wine Improver
38/18 Get it Right Improver
37/18 I Close my Eyes Beginner
36/18 George Strait High Beginner
36/18 Love Flow Beginner
36/18 Sko og Støvler Absolut Beginner  
36/18 Why did it have to be me Beginner
14/18 The Jig High Beginner
12/18 Let it Swing Beginner
11/18 A Girl like You Improver
10/18 Who needs Mexico Beginner
9/18 Footloose Improver - Klubdans
8/18 Never Tired of it High Beginner
6/18 Drink a little Beer Beginner
4/18 Drinking Problem Improver
3/18 Rivertown Beginner
2/18 Queen of my Heart Beginner Walz
2/18 Ice Breaker Beginner
1/18 Rollin' Home Beginner
48/17 Darling Stand By me Beginner
47/17 Ride Away Improver
45/17 Down on Your Uppers Improver
44/17 Full House Improver
44/17 Bitter Sweet Improver
43/17 Country Road Intermidiate
43/17 Things Beginner
40/17 Could've Been The Whiskey High Beginner
39/17 Friday High Beginner
38/17 Lucky Boy's dream Improver
37/17 Runaway Cha Beginner
37/17 Get down the Fiddle Beginner
36/17 1159 Beginner
36/17 Lonely Drum Improver
36/17 Early ind the morning Beginner
36/17 The Most beautiful Girl Beginner
14/17 It Might Kill Me Beginner
13/17 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Beginner
12/17 Long Black Train Beginner
11/17 Drinking Problem Improver
09/17 It Blowed Away Beginner/improver
08/17 Old and Grey Improver
06/17 Boy Girl Thing Improver
05/17 Everywhere Improver
04/17 Stay Low Improver
03/17 Your Heaven Improver
02/17 This is the big one Improver
48/16 Happy, Happy, Happy Improver
45/16 Crusing Backroads Beginner
45/16 Temple Bar Improver
44/16 Missing Improver
41/16 Gypsy Queen Improver
40/16 Bring on the Good Times High Beginner
39/16 Thinkin' Country Beginner
37/16 Give My Love To Rose High Beginner
36/16 Doing Alright Today Beginner
36/16 Drinking with Dolly Beginner
36/16 Love like Before Beginner
15/16 Triple Mix Beginner
14/16 Lonely Girl Improver
10/16 Shut up and Fish Improver
9/16 Three Beers To Mexico Improver
6/16 A little Love trip Improver
4/16 Hello Jo Beginner/Improver
03/16 I do my dreaming Improver
03/16 Ain't nothing you can do Easy Improver
02/16 don't fit in line Improver
01/16 Big blue tree Beginner
48/15 Let the love flow Improver
47/15 Hey Girl Beginner
46/15 My Country Improver
45/15 The Lucky Onces Improver
44/15 Never Gonna Break your heart Improver
43/15 Never Know that Beginner
41/15 Lay Low Improver
41/15 Little Lady Bug Easy Beginner
39/15 Everybody's got Em Beginner/Improver
36/15 Tell The World Improver
36/15 It Feels like Rock'n Roll Beginner
36/15 Ticket to the Blues Beginner
36/15 We'll be alright Beginner
17/15 Keep it Going Beginner
17/15 Golden Wedding Ring Beginner +
16/15 Deck of Cards Beginner/improver
13/15 Baby Kisses Beginner
12/15 Piano Man Beginner
11/15 Kissin' in the backrow Beginner
10/15 Twice the size Improver
09/15 I'm gonna get you Improver
08/15 Lightning Polka Intermidiate
06/15 Raggle taggle Gypsy O High Improver
06/15 Cheeky Charlston Beginner
05/15 A long Way Home Improver
04/15 First In Line Beginner
03/15 Dance With Your Man Improver
02/15 The Last Living Cowboy Improver
02/15 The Secret Beginner
48/14 Applejack Improver
47/14 Just Me and You Beginner/improver
45/14 Just like a Rose Improver
44/14 Fly Like a Dove Improver
42/14 Makita Improver
41/14 Good Time Girls Beginner/Improver
40/14 All About a Woman Beginner
40/14 Hey Boy Improver
38/14 You Got it Baby Easy Improver
37/14 K-I-S-S Easy Beginner
37/14 Blue Birds Beginner
37/14 Fall in Love Beginner
36/14 Wheels and Roses Improver
36/14 Such a Fool Beginner
22/14 The Longest Time Beginner
15/14 That's Okay Beginner
14/14 Blue Blue Day Improver
12/14 Why Don't You Beginner/Improver
11/14 Mitch Beginner
10/14 Tip Ya Hat Beginner
09/14 Welcome to the Weekend Low Improver
09/14 I Can take It from there High Beginner
06/14 Turn Me Loose Improver
05/14 Island in the Streem Intermidiate
04/14 Don't say Goodbye Beginner
03/14 High Cotton Improver
02/14 Got my Baby Back High Beginner
50/13 No Worry Improver
45/13 Million Dollar Dance Beginner
45/13 A one way Ticket Beginner
44/13 We are Tonight Improver
43/13 Lord I hope Improver
41/13 Walking the Line Improver
40/13 Raised On Love Beginner
39/13 For Once in my Life Improver
38/13 Let it be Love Improver
37/13 Get Event With Him Beginner
37/13 Sweet Maureen High Beginner
36/13 Hurry up, Slow down Beginner
36/13 Mama Loo Beginner
17/13 Singing a song Intermidiate
15/13 Full House Improver
14/13 Rock and Roll Cowboy Improver
10/13 Let your redneck out Beginner
09/13 That 55 Ford Beginner
08/13 Rose Garden Intermidiate
05/13 Perfect Day Improver
04/13 Pretend Intermidate
03/13 Feel like a man Beginner
02/13 When Will I be Loved Beginner
47/12 Irish Stew Improver
46/12 Amazing Grace Improver
45/12 Talk is Cheap Improver
44/12 Love Is Better Improver
41/12 On the Road Again Beginner
40/12 Whatcha Recon Beginner
39/12 Stick Like Glue Beginner
38/12 Back In Love Improver
37/12 Write Your Number High Beginner
36/12 Disappearing Tail Lights Improver
20/12 Step In Line High Beginner
19/12 I'm Ready to Roll Improver
17/12 Cry, Cry, Cry High Beginner
16/12 Bandido's last ride Improver
12/12 Swing It   Findes ikke elektronisk
11/12 Thinking about You Beginner
11/12 I saw Linda Yesterday High Beginner
10/12 When She's Bad Easy Improver
09/12 Jukebox and free Whiskey Beginner
08/12 Inspiration Improver
06/12 Knee Deep Beginner
06/12 My Pretty Belinda Beginner
04/12 Go Seven Beginner
03/12 Country' Walkin Beginner
49/11 Ain't so lonesome anymore Improver
48/11 Ghost Train Beginner
48/11 Tush Push Improver
46/11 Telepathy Easy Intermidiate
45/11 Vincero High Beginner
44/11 Foxy Girl Beginner
41/11 Blue Night Cha Beginner
39/11 All You Need Beginner
39/11 Something in the Water Beginner
37/11 Haleluya Beginner
37/11 Forever and ever Improver
37/11 Darling What's your Poison Beginner
36/11 Country Cupid Beginner
36/11 Tennessee Waltz Surprise Beginner
36/11 Good day to Run Beginner